The Pearl at Fairview

Assisted Living Community

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Our Name

The Pearl At Fairview

The Name “The Pearl at Fairview” is symbolic in a number of ways and was carefully chosen. It describes an object, but it also describes an attitude towards life, personal inner beauty, diversity and lives well lived.  We are each a Pearl in our own way. Our community is made up of the diversity, and beauty each resident and team member brings.

The Pearl as an Object

Pearls are highly valued for their beauty, rarity, and cultural significance.  We see each resident at our facility as a Pearl.  Each different.  Each  unique. Each bringing beauty to our community.

Pearls have been treasured throughout history for their beauty and rarity.  The value of pearls is determined by a number of factors, including their size, shape, color, luster, and surface quality.

In addition to their aesthetic value, pearls have cultural and symbolic significance in many societies. They have been associated with purity, wisdom, and wealth, and are often given as gifts to mark special occasions such as weddings and graduations.

The Pearl as a Shape

Pearls are irregular shapes, some spheres, some oblong, some flawed, some new, some worn; but they are all valued Pearls.  We believe our residents, like Pearls may show their scars or a little wear, but they still have great value.

Pearls - diverse, unique and beautiful

The Pearl from Oceans

Pearls come from oceans.  We love the ocean and the beach, the wind, the sunshine, and the feeling it brings.  The name Pearl reminds us all of those experiences and good memories.  Even on days we don’t feel our best, just the name Pearl can bring a smile to a tired face.

The Pearl of Tennessee

Minnie Pearl was from Centerville TN – just down the road.  Sarah Cannon was a long time Grand Ole Opry member and performer.  An advocate and supporter of cancer research.  She lived a graceful life supporting her community.  We like the name and her style.  We respect a life well lived…

Sarah Cannon - Minnie Pearl - Grand Ole Opry member, advocate of life and community

The Pearl at Fairview embraces the diversity and unique beauty
of each resident and team member in a community of love, support and respect.
While, our outer surface may wear; we are all Pearls.

No Matter where you are from.  From Nashville Tennessee or Grinders Switch.  From Brentwood or Burns, White Bluff, Spring Hill, Franklin, Centerville, Dickson or Fairview.  Clarksville or Ashland City, Kingston Springs, Thompson Station, Bellevue, Belle Meade, Gallatin or Mount Juliet.

Even Memphis, Jackson, Dresden, Martin or McKenzie

We Welcome You to The Pearl At Fairview Assisted Living Community