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Care Levels

Caregiver in nursing home

We offer additional care levels when guests need more support or help with personal tasks.  The amount of assistance and support required affect charges for care.

Care Levels in Assisted Living
at The Pearl At Fairview

The Pearl at Fairview offers 38 single bedroom Assisted Living Suites.  Each suite includes basic housekeeping and laundry services.  Each resident receives basic care from our team.  Each resident is included in all activities they choose. Each resident is offered three meals a day, seven days a week, snacks and access to beverages – all they need or want.

When residents require additional services and support from our facility and team it affects the amount of time and labor needed.  It affects the price.

Care Level Assessments are done every 30 days for the safety of our residents. Our nursing staff conducts the assessments with the input of care givers.  The resident’s physician may also provide information that contribute to the assessment. The resident’s family contributes to the assessment.  Family can notice and identify changes in demeanor, personality and overall perceived quality of life.

Care Levels are important to the basic care and wellbeing of our residents.  Personal safety, hygiene, and overall quality of life depend on our understanding and supporting the needs of our residents.

How we are different than other assisted livings:  Aging in Place

Many assisted living facilities only allow residents to stay if they are mobile and relatively independent.  At The Pearl we practice what is called “Aging in Place”.  This means we do not kick you out to a nursing home as you decline.  We support home health and hospices services.  In most cases, we can continue to meet your needs even at the end of life.  We are not allowed to have feeding tubes, ventilators or advanced wound care.

What affects the care level assessment?

Physical abilities are evaluated. The ability to get in and out of bed with or without assistance, the ability to dress one’s self, the ability to bathe or to use the restroom, the ability to get to the dining room or feed one’s self. Falls are our greatest concern. Providing more attention, when it’s required for resident safety, is the objective of care level need and understanding. The assessment process is the formal evaluation by all involved to be sure.

Cognitive abilities are evaluated. Being aware or remembering to do things, like get up or go eat. The need for assistance in remembering to take medication or the need for assistance in administering medications.  

Does Care Level affect the price?

The care level absolutely affects the price. The greater the need of care, the greater the time and resources we devote to an individual resident, the greater the cost to us and the greater the price we must charge.



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Personal Needs that Affect Care Levels

Medication Reminders • Administration

Bathing and Grooming Assistance

Meal Reminders and Escorts

Meal Delivery to Room • Assistance Eating

Assistance Getting in or out of Bed

Assistance Dressing

Services Vary Depending on Need and Care Level and may affect price