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Montessori Method

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Activities build on the guests’ life experiences and offer joyful engagement activities to feel fun and involving, to preserve many cognitive and motor abilities, and help maintain independence.

The Montessori Method in Assisted Living

There are many philosophies when it comes to elder care. The Montessori method is rapidly becoming a top choice in assisted living communities. Originally based in childhood education, the Montessori method offers a powerful foundation for elder care.

The Pearl At Fairview’s approach is based on the principles of the Montessori method. The Montessori educational philosophy is revolutionizing assisted living.  Applying the Montessori Method to Assisted Living


At its core, the Montessori method is about empowerment. In the classroom, this means allowing students to take on different roles by teaching fellow classmates, cleaning up, and performing other tasks. This not only fosters independence, but encourages a sense of purpose in young minds.

A sense of independence and purpose are important for seniors, who fear a loss of freedom in the transition to assisted living. The Montessori method allows residents the freedom to do whatever they are capable of for as long as possible, which preserves their dignity.

A Whole-person Approach

In education, the Montessori method results in flexible teaching, with lessons designed to meet the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive needs and abilities of every student. Transferring this philosophy to assisted living means similarly acknowledging the varied needs of every resident.

This leads to individualized treatment plans and a holistic approach to care to ensure every resident receives exactly the care they need. This person-centered approach is reflected in our amenities, with offerings such as a full service salon, wellness center, fitness room, and library.

Engaging with the World

The Montessori method involves keeping students engaged with the world and with other people. Similarly, for assisted living residents, staying active and mentally stimulated is essential for good health and quality of life. This element of the Montessori method translates into offering a wide variety of activity programs such as games, book clubs, exercise groups, movie nights, and craft classes.

Closing Thoughts

The Montessori method’s hands-on education style is praised for developing well-rounded students with strong skills and a number of benefits to assisted living. Its person-centered approach, flexibility, and emphasis on independence and teamwork are valuable in any senior living community, and these help to improve quality of life and well-being.

Assessment is nontraditional, focusing more on the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of the child as a whole versus a standardized grade.

The Montessori Principles of Engagement

  • The activity should have a sense of purpose and capture the person’s interest.
  • Always invite the person to participate.
  • Offer choice whenever possible.
  • Talk less. Demonstrate more.
  • Physical skills: focus on what the person can do.
  • Match your speed with the person you are caring for. Slow down!
  • Use visual hints, cues or templates to support the client’s memory.
  • Give the person something to hold.
  • Go from simple tasks to more complex ones.
  • Break a task down into steps; make it easier to follow.
  • To end, ask: “Did you enjoy doing this?” and “Would you like to do this again?”
  • There is no right or wrong. Think engagement.

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